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Teeth whitening

"At our clinic, we care about the high quality of the materials we use, and we only utilize the latest teeth whitening methods and procedures that meet current legislation and really whiten your teeth!"
At Dental Office H33 in Prague, we pay attention to individual approach to every client and therefore we offer several types of teeth whitening. A patient, after a consultation with a dental hygienist, will choose the most appropriate type of teeth whitening depending on his or her lifestyle, expectations, and its price, of course. All kinds of teeth whitening are safe and effective, it's just up to you how much time you will be willing to sacrifice to have perfect white teeth.

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  • Home teeth whitening - 2 990 CZK

Home teeth whitening is the most cost-effective type of teeth whitening, but it is necessary to say that you will not get the desired result immediately, but after a 1-2 week process of teeth whitening.
Ideally after your dental hygiene, the whole process begins by creating a mold of your teeth to create fitted trays. You apply a whitening gel on them at home and according to the type of a gel (this will be recommended by our dental hygienists - a day or night gel) the trays will be used for a given time.
After each application, we recommend the so-called white diet for 2 hours, which means not consuming any food with colour (eg coffee, tea, red wine, fruit, spices ...).

  • In-office whitening - 4 990 CZK

This whitening is especially suitable for patients who want to achieve the result immediately and have no time and patience to deal with home teeth whitening. It usually takes a 60 minute appointment in the office during which a bleaching gel is applied on the teeth and illuminated by a blue light to increase the effect.
There are a total of two applications, each lasting for 15 minutes.
A white diet in this case is recommended for 2 days.

  • Combined teeth whitening - 7 490 CZK

This is a combination of both previous types of whitening when we first perform home teeth whitening and then in-office whitening.
We recommend this teeth whitening to patients who want to achieve the best and most durable results.

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When teeth whitening is not appropriate:

We don´t recommend teeth whitening for people younger than 18 years of age and those with tooth decay and gum inflammation. It is not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Read our tips how to care for teeth during pregnancy.

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BETTER RESULTS OF Teeth Whitening Reached After Properly Performed

Teeth whitening is done by dental hygienists

Lucie Šinkorová, DiS. Tereza Pěnkavová, DiS. Veronika Zákopčaníková
 Lucie Šinkorová, DiS.  Tereza Pěnkavová, DiS.  Veronika Zákopčaníková
Adéla Michalčáková, DiS. Kristýna Zajíčková
 Adéla Michalčáková, DiS.  Kristýna Zajíčková

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