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What is periodontitis?

Periodontal work

Periodontitis is now the most common dental disease. Periodontitis is a disease of support mechanism of a tooth. The tooth is fixed by complex system of connective tissue fibers, whose important part is also a cervical cap which connects gingiva with teeth. If this system is long-suffering it causes periodontisis and if  it is not treated early it can lead to tooth loss or even all teeth loss. This is where the malfunction of the teeth and in conspicuous places and very distinctive aesthetic defects.

What causes periodontal disease?

The cause of periodontal disease are bacteria and their toxins. Bacteria are multipling in the areas between teeth and gums and it causes plaque - the bacterial coating of the tooth. If the plaque is not removed from interdental spaces then minerals starts settle on the plaque which is causing tartar and tartar is the ideal base for additional layers of plaque. Because tartar very strongly adheres to a surface of a tooth, usually the ordinary brushing at home is not enough and it is necessary to get a professional cleaning and visit a dental hygienist

Stages of periodontitis

1. Slight inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) 2. Strong inflammation of the gums and tooth supporting apparatus (periodontisis) 3. Massive inflammation
1. The plaque is building up at the edge of the gum, gum is inflamed and it starts to bleed 2.The edge of the gum come off the tooth and bacteria can spread, plaque adheres firmly to tartar and it leads to loss of bone. 3. Gums recede, bone and support apparatus further decreases, the tooth is released and drops.


How to treat periodontitis?

The best treatment is the prevention. It is very important visit your dentist and dental hygienist regularly. Dental hygienist removes all the tartar and plaque and shows you the best way how to remove microbial plaque and clean your teeth and interdental spaces by yourself.

If you are diagnosed the 1st stage of periodontitis it can be stop by a suitable treatment. Advanced periodontisis can be slowed down by a surgical procedure. Our specialist is very experienced in treating periodontal diseases and his methods are very successful.

Periodontology doctors

MUDr. Bořek Slezáček MDDr. Kamila Cmíralová MUDr. Vojtěch Slezáček
 MUDr. Bořek Slezáček   MDDr. Kamila Cmíralová   MUDr. Vojtěch Slezáček

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