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Microscopic endodontics

Current dentistry is increasingly tended to specialize in narrower fields due to new knowledge and advanced technology. One of them is a microscopic endodontics, a tooth root canal treatment under the surgical microscope. Quality root canal treatment is the only possible way to maintain long-term tooth in the mouth, if there’s a tooth pulp inflammation (whether due to caries, trauma, iatrogenic) or on the tooth is already a "pouch" (ie. inflammation of the bone around the tooth root apex).

Mikroskopická endodoncie

How is a root canal treated

During the treatment of the root canals it’s necessary to treat the tooth structures having dimensions of only tenths of a millimeter which are very difficult to discern to the naked eye. Microscope therefore helps us to clarify the maximum operating field, magnify the interior space of the tooth and help the eye to disclose all its anatomical details. Root canal treatment under a microscope is much more precise and therefore more successful.

The procedure itself is quite time-consuming, so the patient should be thoroughly explained everything beforehand. The treatment is usually performed under local anesthesia, the treated tooth is insulated using insulating membrane (ie. Kofferdam). Kofferdam ensures clarity and dry surgical field of performance, but it also protects the patient during the procedure. Then comes the actual probing, processing, disinfection and hermetic filling of root canals. In conclusion, a high quality tooth completion of photocomposit resin or light-pin and a crown.

Doctors who perform micro-endodontic treatment

MDDr. Tereza Buchtová MDDr. Erika Tesaříková
 MDDr. Tereza Buchtová  MDDr. Erika Tesaříková 

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