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No more fear of dental treatment! We have a good news for you:

Laughing gas  – a medical anaesthesia gas

>Laughing gas  is suitable for patients who are scared to undergo a treatment,  especially to get the injection of anaesthesia.

After a few breaths of laughing gas you feel relaxed, you want to laugh and injection is the least thing that you would worry about at the moment. Laughing gas is not only helping to get rid of fear, but it also increases the pain threshold and therefore it reduces the unpleasant feelings and discomfort you might have during a treatment.

Inhalační analgetikum

A big advantage of laughing gas is that it works very quickly therefore pleasant feelings occur almost immediately after a few breaths. When you stop breathing laughing gas, its effect stops working in about 2-5 minutes. After 30 minutes you can drive a car so it is not necessary to have an accompaniment with you.

Laughing gas  is also suitable for children, who usually doesn’t remember anything from an undergone treatment, so no more dental nightmares!

Wide experiences with the use of laughing gas  in medicine show that it is a very safe analgesic with minimal side effects.


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