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Dental implants

If you are missing one or more teeth and whether the loss of teeth was due to an accident, bad genes, or periodontitis treatment with dental implants will help you to get back not only a beautiful smile but also your lost confidence.

Our implantologist Dr. Vojtech Slezacek specializes in the field of implantology for many years and he works with only high quality Swiss implants brands Straumann and Camlog.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small "screw" which is made from titanium or titanium alloy and zirconium. A dental implant is placed into the bone instead of the missing root of the original tooth. Long-term research has shown that titanium is very well tolerated by human body and also that the bone adheres  to titanium very well.  Missing teeth has been replacing by this method for more than 30 years. When is an implant healed it acts as an artificial root and it can be fitted with a crown, bridge or full mouth denture.

 Zubní implantát
Implantát – umělý kořen zubu osazený korunkou

Process of implantation

Dental implants are implanted in local anesthesia. Implantation itself takes about 20 minutes and it is painless. In case of more complicated surgery it is possible to perform a surgery under I.V. sedation or general anesthesia. 

Possible solutions with dental implants

1. replacement of one tooth with implant

  • One tooth is completely missing with its roots.
  • Implant replaces the roots of missing tooth and it makes a support for a crown
  • Healthy adjacent teeth do not need to be grind and remain unaffected


 The titanium abutment is put on the implant, which makes a support for a crown Crown mounted on the abutment  
The titanium abutment is put on the implant,
which makes a support for a crown 
Crown mounted on the abutment 


2. Replacement of more than one tooth with implant

Two or more teeth are missing. To prevent bone loss and damaging of placement of other teeth is functionally and medically necessary to close up gaps quickly.

  • Possible solution is a bridge attached to the implants
  • Advantage is that the adjacent teeth do not need to be grind and remain unaffected
 Bridge, which is fixed on the implants


3. Completely toothless jaw

The upper or bottom jaw (or both) is competely toothless.

  • It is possible to fit complete denture(s) on several dental implants
  • An alternative is to fix a denture on two or three dental implants, this denture can be removed during the oral hygiene (it clicks on and off)  
  • Both solutions offer greater stability and comfort than ordinary, conventional denture
Brennemark bridge before implantation   Brennemark bridge fixed on implants
Toothless jaw fitted with implants Brennemark bridge before implantation Brennemark bridge fixed on implants


More information

Dental implants are like your real teeth fitted directly in the jaw, which is the main advantage over the conventional denture, other advantage is no need of grinding and modifying adjacent teeth as it is normally gride in treatment with the bridge.

One of the conditions for implant placement is that the patient has to have enough quality bone, than it is possible to implant directly and after about 2-3 months of healing when is  the implant adapted  with bone it can be fitted with a crown. If patient has not got enough bone, or if the bone does not meet the required quality it is not a problem to replace bone with a bone-graft taken from places with enough quality bone or by using the artificial material which is adaptable with the body.

The lifetime of the implant is affected by several factors, most important factor of all of them is proper dental hygiene a care of implants.

Doctors performing dental implants

MDDr. Jakub Šubín MUDr. Vojtěch Slezáček
 MDDr. Jakub Šubín  MUDr. Vojtěch Slezáček

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