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Orthodontics - braces


Teeth straightening with braces has become a part of modern life. In our clinic you can decide for treatment with braces at any age. Your new beautiful smile will be the gate to a successful personal and professional life.

Orthodontic appliances are divided into two main groups – removable braces and fixed braces.

Removable braces


Can be used to treat small esthetics defects, to improve bite of teeth, or it can help to keep the results after the treatment with fixed appliance.

Non-removable braces

Fixed braces are made from ligatures and rings and in can not be removed by patients by themselves. With wire which is inserted into the ligatures, orthodontist gradually creates an ideal arc, while the teeth are straightened. With fixed braces we can treat the vast majority of defects. Fixed braces are quite difficult to clean. The duration of treatment is individual and depends on several factors, but it is about a year or two.

Pictures of types of fixed braces:

Fixní rovnátka - keramické Kovové fixní rovnátka Porovnání rovnátek
Ceramic fixed braces
are less visible than metal ones.
Metal fixed braces Comparison of ceramic braces with a classic metal braces

Another popular type of braces are invisible braces.

Before you decide to have braces

Before orthodontic treatment, the patient must realize that braces mean some extra responsibilities. While wearing braces it is very necessary to have very good teeth hygiene, and also it is necessary to have a toothbrush always with you and clean your teeth after every meal. Poor hygiene can cause stains on teeth because of the dental plaque that forms after each meal and also it can cause caries.

Our goal is to provide a quality orthodontic treatment in a friendly and modern environment. Feel free to contact us anytime, our team is ready to answer your questions.

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